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From the moment you start a business, it’s important that your focus remains on what makes YOUR products unique and special. You don’t want to be like everyone else so why would anyone expect this type of mindset when looking at how they should approach their own products? The answer: Don’t copy other people!

The idea behind an original equipment manufacturer is that they will create and produce certain products which you can then sell yourself or through their distribution channels.

For example, if your brand has drinks as part of its offering but the production process isn’t something either one person feels confident enough about to take on alone – why don’t we just go ahead and work with someone who does have those capabilities? There are plenty out there! It doesn’t need to be complicated at all; just make sure whatever product line(s) interest fall under meet GMP standards so everything stays clean & healthy.

Malaysia is a country with high-quality standards for food production. To be able to produce safe and fit for human consumption, every step in the process a minimum must follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines which ensure compliance on heavy metal content as well microorganisms levels among others things like temperature control etc. This makes it easier when looking for a manufacturer for your products because the above certifications ensure exportability and obtainable approvals from the regulatory authorities.

Look out for the following certifications Jakim Halal, GMP, HACCP, ISO22001 like below.

Type of Beverages

Here are some types of beverages Furley Bioextracts manufactures and formulates.


Ready to Drink (RTD)

Single Strength


We manufacture a wide range of products from coffees, cocoa, juices and functional nutraceutical drinks such as antioxidants

Are The Ingredients Safe And KKM Approved?

Without an OEM company that has GMP certification, you could run into legal problems down the road. In addition to this important factor for safety and quality assurance in production – which is why it’s so crucial when choosing a supplier- there are other advantages of going with reputable brands like hers too!
The research & development team at these businesses handle things like recall notices or unsubstantiated claims; they also offer product support after sales by phone as well any time we need help spreading our message across new markets quickly

Are the ingredients and products halal

The halal process requires the ingredients to be halal, so by going with a halal-certified factory you can be rest-assured your products will be halal.

With over 30+ years in the manufacturing of products numerous brands you see at your local supermarket are customers of Furley Bioextracts from the organic section to fast-moving consumer goods. We have customers stretching around the world.

Why is this? And why brands pick FBIO?




Service & Business Partnership Growth


Furley Bioextract has been in business for 15+ years, has combined experience of 50+ years experience in manufacturing creating over 10,000+ formulations.

We work with small microentrepreneurs to large multinational companies to develop their products.

We are a contract manufacturer, OEM, business partner, mentorship that specializes in manufacturing food, cosmetics, traditional, capsules, medical devices and supplements. We serve clients from all around the world including Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East/Africa and North America regions.

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