Everything Guide to ODMs and OEM in Malaysia

OEM in Malaysia Is it a Successful Model? Yes!

Many businesses start with ODM or OEM products finding tremendous success in the products offered and have remained focused on their strengths of sales and marketing.

All you need are good products, great marketing and a reliable OEM in Malaysia

What is OEM?

A common acronym is seen for brand owners who are looking to OEM their own products. OEM companies in Malaysia can range from semiconductors, motors, to food and cosmetics.

The term OEM essentially means combining items from other manufacturers to create another product at another factory. OEM service providers may not own a factory. An example is Apple, designed in California manufactured in China or even companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola.

ODM on the other hand is more synonymous with a factory assisting you with manufacturing your product. Also called private label or white labelling.


What Products do OEM Company Produce?

Really depends on which manufacturers you speak too. OEM products vary from food, cosmetics, perfumes, household, supplements, traditional, electronics and car parts.

Most products will have a company that can OEM them for you.

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Ensuring the ingredients safe and KKM approved?

To ensure a manufacturer adheres to good manufacturing practices look for companies with GMP certification.
This will help you filter out manufacturers who can cause you issues further down the track including export restrictions and compliance issues.

Additional documentation you can request to ensure safety are Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Certificate of Analysis for Heavy Metals and Microbes.

For food products, confirmation letters indicate the ingredients are of food grade.

An example of what could go wrong without proper certification is the real risk of KKM shutting down the premises and your business.

Do Ingredients need to be 100% Organic? No


Halal Certification? How do I get it?

Most OEM manufacturers in Malaysia have Halal certification and will charge you according to your companies revenue size. Most customers will look for MAL, NOT and Halal certifications which ensures quality both ways for your brand and for the customer.

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Cost of Consultation? Free

Free. Most OEM in Malaysia will give free consultation, up to sampling there usually will be sampling charges.

Sampling charges are used to reduce individuals who are not genuine business owners looking to start their own business. This ensures those who are interested get the best customer experience available.

We will arrange a meeting based on YOUR availability, ready to start your own brand? Come visit us at our premises or virtually.


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We work with small microentrepreneurs to large multinational companies to develop their products.

We are a contract manufacturer, OEM, business partner, mentorship that specializes in manufacturing food, cosmetics, traditional, capsules, medical devices and supplements. We serve clients from all around the world including Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East/Africa and North America regions.

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