How to Create Your Own Brand of Cosmetics and Supplements

This article will give you 6 tips on how to develop your own brand of cosmetics and supplements that are not yet available on the market. Owning a business is hard work, but if you set up an online store with all the products that you want to sell, it can be very profitable. This guide will walk you through each step in this process so that by the end of it, you’ll have a strong understanding of what needs to happen for your project to succeed!

6 Tips to Starting your own Brand of Cosmetic and Supplements


Make a list of your favorite cosmetics and supplements

For example if you want to make a moisturiser list Your favourite moisturiser

– Your favourite shampoo and conditioner

– Your favourite foundation

– The best lip balm you’ve ever tried

To extend further from this, list down the unique selling points and formulations.

Research the ingredients to make sure they are both safe and effective

The first thing you need to do when researching ingredients find out the biological name for the ingredient. You can find this by looking in a database like Pubmed, OEM Manufacturer or by using Google Scholar. The next thing you want to do is look up the appeal of this ingredient to your proposed target customer base.

Design labels for your products that reflect your personal style

Engage a designer who will create the design of your company logo, packaging, bottles and overall feel of your brand.

Create your Online Presence

You can create your website with WordPress or other paid services like Shopify.

Find suppliers for raw materials based on the needs of each product 

When looking for suppliers for raw materials, it is important to find those that can provide based on the needs of each product. For example, a supplier for a moisturiser would not be the same as a supplier for a shampoo. It is important to find a supplier that can provide the quality and quantity that you need. This is to gauge a rough cost for your product you will be expecting to purchase it from the factory.

At times special ingredients factories might not have it in ready stock, and it is a chance to protect and capitalize on it with the factory by buying warehousing and selling it to factory to make your unique product.

6. Find a suitable factory

When finding a suitable factory, there are a few things you should take into account. The first is the quality of the products they produce. You want to be sure that the factory can produce products that meet your standards with the relevant local approvals such as registrations. The next thing to consider is the price of the products. You want to be sure that the factory can produce products at a price that is within your budget. Finally, you want to be sure that the factory can produce the quantity of products you need for today and the future.

One thing to consider is the formulation and the complexity, some factories will try to lock in customers by holding the formulations to themselves without options to purchase the formulation so brands are able to move to other factories.

Dont worry, most formulations are common and can be easily replicated with 80% match rate using the latest scientific tools to match viscosity, consistency, color and chemical analysis. Talk to Furley Bioextracts today if you require such matching services we can help you and set you back on the right track. Restoring your full control of your brand and product.


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