FAQ Private label cosmetics

how does private label cosmetics work?

A customer looks for a factory that can make the desired product with the expected properties such as quality, colour, function, viscosity and price point for an individual.

The formulations could be fully custom made or generic in nature.

what is private label cosmetics?

A private label cosmetic, also known as a “store brand”, “new brand” or “generic” brand, is a product where the quality and price point of the item make it desirable for customers to take back and purchase again.

How much does private labeling cost?

For cosmetics, it starts at USD1000 (RM5,000)
For supplements and foods, it starts at USD2000 (RM10,000) due to Minimum order quantities set by supplement/food ingredient suppliers.

How do I price private label products?

We suggest you do a market survey and break down the costs involved in making your product come to market. This includes marketing, warehousing, product, merchandising, exhibitions, listing fees, payment processing fees.

How do I create a private label?

Find a reliable factory with a proven track record to make your desired product

Can you make money private labeling?

Yes, as with most businesses there is an opportunity cost if your selling price is above that you can make money!
It sounds simple and it is, the tough part is getting the product to the market and people wanting to purchase your product.

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