Become a Product Owner with OEM

Are you an agent, stockist or already skilled in marketing knowledge? Then why don’t you make your own product? It could be a cosmetic or beverage. Here are some tips so you don’t have to worry about creating your own formulation, research or production line.

What you need, is an OEM manufacturer.

OEM means Own Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM manufacturer has all the facilities such as a production line, laboratory, research staff and a list of products ready for you to bring to market.

There are also OEM manufacturers that offer entrepreneurs the option of customising products in terms of smell, texture, active ingredients and other options according to your idea.

All you need to do is provide capital and your marketing knowledge.

How to choose an OEM manufacturer?

They should be recognised by NPRA or the National Pharmaceutical Bureau. The manufacturer should be:

  • GMP recognised
  • Hold other certification such as HACCP
  • Has samples and information
  • Other services such as packaging design & sourcing
  • Price & MOQ will depend on the product